Hello and Welcome!

I am so glad that you are reading this and I would love to welcome you to my online house. If you are looking for a place with abstract and real creativity in a godly garment, you are in the right place.

Oh dear! Where are my manners? Here, take a chair or while I go get you tea, take a look around and feel free to comment on what you see and if you like my content, you could reach out and say so (it would help spark more  joy).

Ah yes!

My name is Olatunde Chidera OBAFEMI (pronounciation citation).



About the Blog

I am a sojourner and a soul and in addition to that, I am from Nigeria but origin is sewn into the universe. I am the author of the Diary of a Dormitory War: the Gender Contrast (2012) and Silver Palm Frond (2014). I am also a spoken-word poet (sometimes), editor (when I read), writer (unless asleep) and humourous kindred spirit in the most considerate way.

This site is a showcase of my journey. It is a song and reading is how you dance; dance to the rhythm of understanding, dance to the right tune (righteousness).

So when I’m not preaching, studying, reading, writing, recording or editing for the CrucifiedWaytv, I’m blogging here, sharing my experiences or showing you what I’m up to in real time.
So here, you’ll see my poetry – written – as well as links to my spokenword poetry. My daily paragraphs of ranting or simple findings in life (because we learn everyday, if you dont; start learning!). I’ll also be recommending inspirational music (when I’m not on a music fast) and sharing beautiful moments in pictures and quotes by great minds (especially from the Holy Bible).
So that’s what the blog is really about. But it takes four paragraphs to summarize and a whole blog to explain. So walk around and experience it all!

My Services


For an affordable fee, I could edit your manuscript in English and this offer includes poetry anthologies along with other sub-genres in prose (excluding erotica, of course). My editing includes content editing and a discussion via email would set the bases for more services I offer in this line. So, Play Ball!


On a monthly bases, I would be posting podcasts on writing tips and advice for young writers; offering a leeway to some problems that you might be facing as a young writer especially the ones I used to face or have learnt to overcome. Oh that’s for free!
The podcasts would also cover my writing journey, my spiritual journey and the realization journey of (my) life.



I would be sharing my page-poetry here on a weekly bases with attention to prompts and if special request are made.


You could make a special request via email.

Spoken-word poetry

To accompany my page poetry, I also perform spoken-word poetry. You could visit my budding YouTube channel or send an email for inquiries in this regard.

Aerial Shots and Drone Services

Aside being a literati, I’m also a visuals-enthusiast. So I could help cover, edit and do aerial shots for documentaries, and a total capture at an affordable price-list. You want a good deal so send an email and a prompt reply would get us talking.


This page is under construction.

Forthcoming events

Writing prompts

Writing prompts for poetry and flash-fiction would be posted here weekly and on special demand, they could be posted daily.


From this point, you would also find out when we would be having guest writers and posts on health, fashion and other fun segments we shouldn’t take likely.


If there are new books I can recommend or new songs; all these would be placed here. If there’s an award coming up or a writing contest or even a scripture challenge, you would find it all here.
Wait a minute! If there is a workshop to help you grow in a city near you, you would get it here and receive details when you subscribe to our newsletter.
Once again, thank you!